Love Idioms

There are billions of people in the world and, hopefully, all of them have felt fondness or love for someone at least once in their life. It is hopeful because, as the inimitable Ms. Alicia Keys puts it, “when everybody loves someone, there’s nothing to fear”…

Health Proverbs, Idioms & Phrasal Verbs

The importance of good health has been promoted for centuries. That's why there are so many sayings about health in all languages. Here are just a few examples: cure by food is better than cure by medicine (Chinese proverb), a man with a cough can't conceal himself (African proverb), one day in perfect health is much (Arabic proverb). In English there are many wise health proverbs too...

Flower English

Is there a person who doesn't like flowers, these beautiful gifts of nature which please the eye and make any room or street look better? Perhaps not. It means this post is for absolutely everyone! Read it to boost your vocabulary and improve your mood!

Street English

This post is about interesting but sometimes confusing things about the word “street”. Read it to know the difference between “in the street” and “on the street”, the use of “outside”, “outdoors” and “out-of-doors” meaning you are not at home, and learn some street idioms too. Are you not sure which article to use with names of streets? We'll answer the question as well...

Emotional English

We feel them, hide them, show them, suppress them... Sometimes it's difficult to express them but this post will help you to do it right in future. So, let’s talk about emotions!

Money Vocabulary

They say that money is the root of all evil. But at the same time it makes the world go round… In this article we’ll get money-oriented and focus on common money collocations, proverbs and idioms.