How to Describe Relationships

Who wouldn't like all their relationships to be harmonious? Unfortunately, it's hardly possible. Relationships differ just like people do, and although the topic of this post is rather broad, we'll try to help you learn vocabulary useful for describing several types of relationships.

English Vocabulary: Secrets

It would be incorrect to name this article "How to Talk about Secrets" because secrets are not to be talked about. Still, there is some useful vocabulary to learn, and it's no secret. So, read on, improve your vocabulary, and try to have as few secrets as possible...

How to Talk about Hobbies

A hobby is an activity that you do regularly in your leisure time for pleasure. A hobby can be absorbing, relaxing, enjoyable and satisfying. If you have many hobbies, you might have a favorite one or a pet hobby (the hobby you like most). To have a hobby means to follow, pursue or indulge in it. If you start a hobby, you take it up. Read on for more hobby vocabulary...

Policy vs. Politics

Do you sometimes confuse "politics" and "policy"? If you do, this article is just right for you. Read on to know the difference as well as common politics and policy collocations and phrases.