7 Wonders of the English Language

If you are one of those people who think their first language is so much richer than the target language, English, this post is for you. No, it's not written to claim that English is "richer" or any better than whatever your mother tongue is. In fact, it wouldn't be correct to compare languages because all of them are fabulously rich and wonderful in their own way. So, it would be like comparing strawberry varieties - they all are different, but they all are strawberries, sweet, juicy and delicious...

Tricky Prepositions

"In hospital" or "at hospital"? "In school" or "at school"? With an article or without?  Prepositions and articles make many learners rack their brains and think two, three times or more. If you are one of them, and chances are you are (which is good because it means you care about what you say and how you say it), then read this article. We'll try to clarify a thing or two.