English in News

Have you tried watching TV news in English or reading magazines like "Foreign Affairs," "Newsweek" or "The Economist"? If you have, you must have noticed the formal English used in the press and TV news programs. Although the formal language may cause difficulty, it's important to learn it. If you get the hang of it, you'll be able not only to watch and read the news but also discuss it. Moreover, formal English is used in various work situations: writing business emails, conducting negotiations and meetings, etc. So, read on to improve your formal English and follow us not to miss more articles like this.

7 Wonders of the English Language

If you are one of those people who think their first language is so much richer than the target language, English, this post is for you. No, it's not written to claim that English is "richer" or any better than whatever your mother tongue is. In fact, it wouldn't be correct to compare languages because all of them are fabulously rich and wonderful in their own way. So, it would be like comparing strawberry varieties - they all are different, but they all are strawberries, sweet, juicy and delicious...