Mind Idioms. Part 1

Mind Idioms. Part 1

In “On my Mind vs. In my Mind” we have touched on not only the difference between the two phrases but also on some common idioms with “in my mind” in particular (e.g. bear in mind, fresh in my mind, etc.). Follow the link above to go over the idioms and boost your vocabulary even more with this article, all about mind idioms.

Out of sight…

Have you ever felt like you can’t make up your mind, like you are in two minds about something? Well, that’s exactly what I’ve been feeling like recently. I was accepted at a very good university, which is unfortunately far away from my home. The problem is my boyfriend can’t follow me. We have a great relationship, but I’d be out of my mind if I missed the opportunity to study at a top university, wouldn’t I? But after I seem to have put my mind to it, I suddenly change it and feel ready to stay no matter what. They say out of sight, out of mind, and that could be true. Should I leave and see if it is, or should I stay and not risk it all? I wish I could find peace of mind

  • to make up one’s mind – to make a decision
  • to be in two minds – to have a difficulty in making a decision
  • to be out of one’s mind – to be crazy
  • to put one’s mind to something – to decide to do something and try hard to achieve it
  • to change one’s mind – to change a decision
  • out of sight, out of mind – used for saying that when you don’t see or hear about something or someone, you don’t think about it/them
  • peace of mind – a state when you have no worries

Never mind…

Kate: What’s your happiest childhood memory, Jim?

Jim: Well… Actually, nothing comes to mind, Kate. Why?

Kate: I just wonder if anyone can answer the question quickly. I couldn’t.

Jim: Oh, wait a minute. Something has sprung to mind!

Kate: Really? What is it?

Jim: Ah, never you mind

  • something comes/springs to mind = you suddenly remember something
  • never you mind* = it’s none of your business; it has nothing to do with you; I won’t tell you

*Never you mind does not mean the same as never mind does. The phrase never mind has 3 meanings:

  1. Meaning 1: don’t worry / don’t be upset about something: I know it’s hard, but never mind – everything is going to be alright.
  2. Meaning 2: used for emphasizing an opinion/feeling: I can’t stand his cat, never mind him!
  3. Meaning 3: used for saying that the time when something was wanted or needed has passed: Do you still want to go for a walk? – Never mind, it’s too late now.

Never mind vs. Never you mind

Click the link here and choose the right idiom for the situations.

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