How to Agree & Disagree

What words are there to agree and disagree with someone or something? What's the difference between "agree with" and "agree on?" In this post we'll answer these questions and teach you useful vocabulary for any time you discuss something and need to advocate your point of view. 

How to Describe Holiday Destinations

So, you are going on holiday. You've finally chosen your destination and now you're going to make the most of your trip. Speaking of destination, how do you describe it? You might use adjectives like popular, exotic or beautiful. But there could be more to your description than that. So, let's get a bit more eloquent and dream of a wonderful holiday!

How to Talk about Currencies

Not each one of us is a financial specialist. And not each one of us is keenly interested in the sphere. But almost all of us watch TV and/or read the press, at least occasionally. It means there is a chance we might get news on currency rates, stock market reports, etc. After all, we all concern ourselves with our own prosperity, and that's why this post should be useful to everybody...