Among vs. Across

Have you ever wondered what the difference between "across" and "among" is? It may seem easy, but consider the sentences: 1) Unemployment is quite high, especially among young people. 2) Unemployment is quite high across the continent. Is it just about a place and a group of people? Read on to make it all clear...

Words with Tricky Stresses

"Record" and "to record," "export" and "to export," "rebel" and "to rebel"... What do all these pairs have in common? Take "record" and "to record" for example. The words look identical, but they sound different, mostly because the stress falls on the first syllable in the noun "record," and on the second syllable in the verb "to record": /ˈrekɔː(r)d/ and /rɪˈkɔː(r)d/. Read on for more pairs like this.