About me

Dear reader,

Thank you so much for taking interest in this blog and its author.

My name is Kate. I’m a Ukraine born and Japan based English teacher. Over 10 years ago, I started my journey of mastering the language while teaching it, for “when one teaches, two learn” (Robert A. Heinlein). At that time I was still a student of a pedagogical college for foreign languages, and I was just beginning to discover how enriching teaching can really be. Since then, I’ve been blessed with opportunities to reach out and help people from all over the world through teaching.

This blog is my attempt to share knowledge with those of you I could never meet in person. It’s primarily for intermediate+ learners, though posts in the Easy English category are all for starters, beginners and elementary learners.

My ultimate goal is to inspire lifelong learning by providing well written posts and striving to answer whatever language-related questions you might have. Let’s learn with and from each other!

With love,