Say vs. Tell

“When you have something good to say, say it. When you have something ill to say, say something else.”  Christian D. Larson, an American New Thought leader and teacher

Health Proverbs, Idioms & Phrasal Verbs

The importance of good health has been promoted for centuries. That's why there are so many sayings about health in all languages. Here are just a few examples: cure by food is better than cure by medicine (Chinese proverb), a man with a cough can't conceal himself (African proverb), one day in perfect health is much (Arabic proverb). In English there are many wise health proverbs too...

Fit, Suit or Match?

This post is about clothes. To be more precise, it's about choosing them. The fact is there are some English verbs whose meaning is very similar, and so it's very easy to misuse them. To avoid it, it's necessary to understand their similarities and differences, and this is exactly what we are going to do - make sure the verbs "fit", "suit" and "match" are not confusing for learners and their meanings are as clear as day.

How to Describe Sounds

It was a dark and stormy night; I shut my eyes… The windows rattled in the wind and there was a distant rumble of thunder. Trees rustled and big raindrops splashed onto the windows...