A simile /ˈsɪməli/ is  an expression which compares two things; it always includes the words as or like. You can use similes to make your spoken and written English more colorful and your comparisons - more powerful...

Daily Life English

What's your typical morning like? How's life for you? How about going out on the town? This post will teach you useful English vocabulary to answer the questions in a new, fresh way!

Body Vocabulary

What is shin, thigh and calf? What body shapes are there? And what does weak-kneed or tight-lipped mean? Read this post to find the answers and boost your vocabulary with us!

Fear English

Halloween is just around the corner. Isn't it the right time to talk about what we are afraid of? Read on to know how to talk about fears in English, learn a few alternatives to "scared", and, hopefully, find inspiration to face your fears.