Discourse Markers

Discourse markers are very important for both formal and informal speech. When used appropriately, they make it well-organized, coherent and natural. So, any speaker or writer should use them.

How to Talk about Hobbies

A hobby is an activity that you do regularly in your leisure time for pleasure. A hobby can be absorbing, relaxing, enjoyable and satisfying. If you have many hobbies, you might have a favorite one or a pet hobby (the hobby you like most). To have a hobby means to follow, pursue or indulge in it. If you start a hobby, you take it up. Read on for more hobby vocabulary...

Policy vs. Politics

Do you sometimes confuse "politics" and "policy"? If you do, this article is just right for you. Read on to know the difference as well as common politics and policy collocations and phrases. 

How to Describe Films

Did you like the latest Godzilla reboot and the live-action adaptation of Aladdin? Would you like to watch the Men in Black spinoff and the upcoming animated version of The Addams Family? No matter what you choose to watch, we hope your viewing experience is always positive. Read this blog to know how to talk about films, and to learn useful collocations and idioms related to the topic...