Fun English for Happy Fridays

Fun English for Happy Fridays

“Music always sounds better on Friday.”

Lou Brutus, an American radio personality

Congratulations, it’s Friday again! If you don’t feel like beavering away (if you beaver away at something, you work very hard at it) at English today, don’t. Just read this post which should set your Friday mood and teach you a bit of English along the way. We know that you like music, and we know you think learning English with songs is interesting. So, here is our compilation of Friday songs and English they can teach you. Hopefully, we’ll help you increase your vocabulary having fun!

Katy Perry. “Last Friday Night”

The lyrics are here.

Useful vocabulary from the song:

  • pounding – the sound of repeated hard hits or loud noise
  • to pass out – to suddenly become unconscious
  • hickey (American English = love bite (British English)) – a red mark on someone’s skin, especially on the neck, that is made by sucking while kissing
  • to end up (somewhere) – to be in a particular place after doing something or because of doing it
  • I’m screwed – I’ve made a mistake
  • blur – something such as a thought or memory that is not very clear in your mind
  • (blacked out blur) to back out – to make a place dark by turning off all the lights
  • to rule – to be more important or successful than anyone or anything else
  • to take shots = to take photos (informal)
  • to max a credit card (American English, informal) – if your credit card is maxed or maxed out, it is at, very near or over its credit limit
  • to hit the boulevard (informal) – to reach the boulevard
  • to streak – to move very quickly
  • skinny-dipping – swimming without any clothes on
  • ménage à trois /ˌmeɪnɑːʒ ɑː ˈtrwɑː/ – sexual activity involving three people
  • to connect the dots – to understand something by piecing together hints or other bits of information
  • to tow /təʊa car – to pull a car by fixing it to the back of another vehicle
  • to rip a dress – to tear a dress
  • warrant (for sb’s arrest) /ˈwɒrənt/ – a document written by a judge that gives the police permission to arrest someone
  • epic fail – complete failure
  • T.G.I.F. – Thank God It’s Friday

The Cure. “Friday I’m in Love”

The lyrics are here.

Useful vocabulary from the song:

  • blue – feeling sad
  • to look back – to think about the past
  • dressed up to the eyes – (in this context) dressed to kill – wearing smart fashionable clothes to be noticed and admired
  • frown /fraʊn– an expression on your face that shows you are annoyed, worried, or thinking hard
  • sleek – looking or sounding good in a way that is not sincere
  • shriek – a loud high sound made by a bird or animal, or by a machine

Lady Antebellum. “Friday Night”

The lyrics are here.

Useful vocabulary from the song:

  • to head back to work – to go back to work
  • chore – an unpleasant, boring, or difficult thing that must be done
  • to check sth. off on a list = to tick sth. off on a list
  • barefoot – with no shoes or socks on
  • sweet ride – a pleasant ride in a cool car
  • hotspot – a place that is fashionable, popular, and lively
  • ragtop (informal) a car with a convertible roof
  • candy apple (American English) – a bright red color
  • to rock – to dance in the rock-and-roll style
  • let the good times roll – let’s live fully / let’s have fun

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