English in News

Have you tried watching TV news in English or reading magazines like "Foreign Affairs," "Newsweek" or "The Economist"? If you have, you must have noticed the formal English used in the press and TV news programs. Although the formal language may cause difficulty, it's important to learn it. If you get the hang of it, you'll be able not only to watch and read the news but also discuss it. Moreover, formal English is used in various work situations: writing business emails, conducting negotiations and meetings, etc. So, read on to improve your formal English and follow us not to miss more articles like this.

Body Idioms

Do you have a good head for figures? Would you like to get teeth into something new? What would you give your right arm for? Read on to know what the idioms mean and boost your vocabulary...

How to Describe People

When describing people, you may need vocabulary related to physical appearance, character, mannerisms, etc. In this article we'll look at vocabulary like this, and also teach you a couple of words describing the way people smile. So, smile and read on...

Animal English: Vocabulary in Use

This post will look at vocabulary connected with the animal world. It'll teach you to describe animals and birds, typical animal behavior, animal life, etc. There are also a few useful animal idioms that you might like to use in various everyday situations. Read on...

Little vs. Small

"Little" and "small" are some of the first words English learners learn. At first, the adjectives seem to be absolute synonyms. But the more you learn, the more you understand that there is no such thing as absolute synonyms. So, how exactly are the words similar and different? Read on to clear up any confusion...

Risk vs. Threat

Both risk and threat are about some unpleasant or dangerous things. But they are different. How? Do you feel it? Put the feeling into words and learn useful vocabulary to talk about risks and threats!

Dog English

They say Dog is Man's best friend, and so we are happy to dedicate this post to our four-legged friends. We'll look at useful dog vocabulary, including popular breeds, idioms and collocations useful for dog owners and lovers.