How it works

Method: communicative (this approach to language teaching emphasizes interaction as both the means and the ultimate goal of study).

Materials: our teachers use electronic versions of English textbooks and/or teacher-created materials. See some of our lesson plans here. Videos, Internet articles and/or songs can be used to boost course effectiveness.

Class work: speaking, listening, reading and writing are 4 foundational language skills. We aim to teach all of them in the most effective way. However, we usually devote most of the lesson time to speaking. If reading and listening are done during the class, there is always a pre- and post-reading/listening discussion. Writing assignments are always done as homework. Students are recommended to send their writing works to their teachers in advance so that the teachers have enough time for a check. Error analysis might take some time of the lesson. Note that the lesson structure varies depending on the course.

Homework: as a rule, our students have homework, which is based on the material covered in the lesson. If a student asks their teacher not to give them homework, there will be none. We recommend doing homework but we never insist on it.

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