Christmas Vocabulary for Beginners

Christmas Vocabulary for Beginners

This post will help you improve your vocabulary and set the holiday mood to get that Christmas feeling. You can practice the vocabulary with the activities below the table. Merry Christmas, everyone!

WordExample sentences

Christmas tree
1) Let’s decorate the Christmas tree together.
2) This year we will have the most beautiful Christmas tree.
3) Where did you buy this Christmas tree? – At the Christmas tree farm.
4) Christians around the world decorate their homes with Christmas trees.

Present / gift
1) Many people place Christmas presents under the tree on Christmas Eve.
2) This department store is the best place to shop for gifts.
3) Can you wrap the present, please?
4) What a lovely present!

Ornaments / decorations
1) Christmas tree decorations can be very expensive.
2) I have made this decoration myself.
3) These ornaments are elegant and lovely.
4) I hang the ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Christmas lights
1) Can I help you put the lights on the tree?
2) I’m going o hang the lights on the tree.
3) We need new lights because the old ones are not working.
4) I’m afraid we need to fix the lights.

Christmas carol
1) A carol is a traditional Christmas song.
2) “O Holy Hight” is a famous carol.
3) Will you sing any carols this year?
4) I don’t know any carols.

Christmas card
1) I’m happy to receive Christmas cards and I know others feel the same.
2) I need to think of a meaningful wish to write in a card.
3) What do you write in your Christmas cards?
4) Do you keep your Christmas cards or do you throw them away?

Gingerbread man
1) A gingerbread man is a cookie which looks like a man.
2) Do you bake gingerbread men?
3) My kids love gingerbread men, so I always make them on Christmas Eve.
4) Gingerbread men look lovely and they are easy to make.

Gingerbread house
1) A gingerbread house seems difficult to make.
2) I prefer gingerbread men to gingerbread houses because they are easier to make.
3) Can you teach me to make a gingerbread house?
4) Can you share your gingerbread house recipe, please?

Snow globe
1) I think a snow globe is a great Christmas gift.
2) Snow balls symbolize childhood.
3) Let’s put this snow ball on the table where everyone can see it.
4) How much does this snow ball cost?

Candy cane
1) Do we still have any candy canes left?
2) Children love candy canes and I love them too!
3) When I see candy canes, I always think of Christmas.
4) We can even use the candy canes as Christmas decorations.

1) I don’t have a fireplace, so where can I hang the stockings?
2) Let’s put the gifts into the stockings.
3) Let’s stuff the stockings with small gifts.
4) Candy is popular stocking stuffer.

1) I want to decorate the room with some holly.
2) Holly is always green.
3) Where can I get some holly to decorate my home?
4) Why do we use holly for decoration?

1) Both holly and mistletoe are evergreen plants.
2) In some countries, people use mistletoe as a Christmas decoration.
3) It is traditional to kiss someone under the mistletoe.
4) Why do people kiss under the mistletoe?

Santa Claus
1) It’s impossible to imagine Christmas without Santa Claus.
2) Santa Clause has other names. For example, Saint Nick and Father Christmas.
3) Santa brings gifts to children.
4) Santa Clause is a legendary character who is a true symbol of Christmas.

1) They say Santa’s reindeer pull his sleigh through the night sky.
2) Rudolph the reindeer is the most famous reindeer.
3) Santa has nine reindeer.
4) The reindeer help Santa deliver Christmas gifts to children.

Christmas elf
1) They say Christmas elves make gifts for children and take care of the reindeer.
2) Elves make toys all year long.
3) Elves are Santa’s helpers.
4) Elf costumes are a very popular choice for dressing up at Christmas time.

North Pole
1) They say Santa, his elves and reindeer live in the North Pole.
2) My dream is to celebrate Christmas at the North Pole.
3) Why do they say Santa lives at the North Pole?
4) Santa’s hometown is in the North Pole.

1) Reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh.
2) Santa rides in a sleigh.
3) Santa’s sleigh is full of presents.
4) They say Santa lands his sleigh on rooftops.

1) After Santa lands his sleigh on a rooftop, he goes down a chimney and puts presents under the Christmas tree.
2) Santa goes down the chimney and stuffs the stockings.
3) Mommy, how will Santa get inside our house if we don’t have a chimney?
4) Do you often clean your chimney?

1) People use small bells to decorate their Christmas trees.
2) “Jingle Bells” is a famous Christmas carol.
3) The Christmas bells are jingling outside.
4) Do you hear the lovely sound of jingling bells?


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