Common Interjections

Common Interjections

An interjection is a word that is used to show a short sudden expression of emotion. In this post, we’ll look at 20 common English interjections, and you’ll have a chance to practice them doing an exercise.

  1. Oops – an expression of surprise or feeling sorry about a mistake or slight accident

Examples: 1) Oops! I’ve broken my mom’s favorite cup! 2) Oops! I misspelled my own name!

2. Wow – an expression of surprise

Examples: 1) Wow! What a huge house! 2) Wow! Did you clean your whole house in one day?

3. Yikes /jaɪks/ (usually humorous) – an expression of shock, surprise or worry

Examples: 1) The job interview is tomorrow. Yikes! 2) Did he really pick his nose? Yikes!

4. Ouch /aʊtʃ/ – 1) an expression of sudden physical pain; 2) (humorous) used in answer to something unkind that someones says

Examples: 1) Ouch! Why did you pinch me? 2) I think you are way too lazy. – Ouch! That was mean.

5. Hey – 1) used to get someone’s attention; 2) an expression of surprise and/or questioning

Examples: 1) Hey, mom, wait a second! 2) Hey, what do you think you’re dong?

In the US, hey can be used when greeting someone: Hey, James, what’s up?

6. Gee /dʒiː/ – an expression of surprise or enthusiasm

Examples: 1) Gee, I never though we could get this far. 2) Gee, that looks awesome!

7. Brr – an exclamation which suggests shivering

Examples: 1) Brr, it’s freezing outside! 2) Brr, the water is so cold!

8. Yo – used as an informal greeting between people who know each other well or to get someone’s attention (very informal)

Examples: 1) Yo, Jackie! How are things? 2) Yo, do you hear me?

9. Yay – an expression of great pleasure

Examples: 1) Yay! We are going to finally meet tomorrow. I can’t wait! 2) Did you pass the test? Yay! Congratulations!

10. Phew /fjuː/ – 1) an expression of relief at the fact that something dangerous is over; 2) an expression of strong dislike of a smell; 3) an expression of feeling hot and uncomfortable

Examples: 1) Phew! The interview is over and I can finally relax. 2) Phew, what’s this horrible smell? 3) Phew, it’s scorching hot!

11. Yuck – an expression of disgust

Examples: 1) Yuck! I could never eat that! 2) Do they really eat cockroaches in that part of the world? Yuck!

12. Shh – used to call for silence

Examples: 1) Shh! The baby is sleeping. 2) Shh! I’m trying to concentrate.

13. Uh-oh /ˌʌˈoʊ/ – an expression of alarm or realization of a difficulty

Examples: 1) Uh-oh! The bridge is blocked and we can’t get to the other side of the river. 2) Uh-oh, someone seems to be following us.

14. Boo – an expression used to surprise and frighten someone who doesn’t know you are near them

Examples: 1) Boo! – Peter, you scared the hell out of me! 2) Boo! – Mary, you know I hate it when you scare me like this!

15. Aha /ɑːˈhɑː/ – used when you suddenly understand or realize something

Examples: 1) Aha, that’s how you did it! 2) Aha, now I remember where I put my gloves.

An aha moment is a moment when you suddenly realize or discover something: I had an aha moment after thinking about the problem for 4 hours.

16. Whoa /wəʊ/ – 1) used to ask someone to stop or do something more slowly; 2) an expression of surprise or interest

Examples: 1) Whoa, would you slow down please? 2) Whoa, that looks incredible!

17. Hurray /həˈreɪ/ – used to express excitement, pleasure or approval

Examples: 1) Hurray! It’s time to go home now. 2) Did you ace the test? Hurray!

18. Yippee /ˈjɪp.iː/ – an expression of great satisfaction, excitement and happiness

Examples: 1) Are we going to the beach tomorrow? Yippee! 2) Did you buy cake? Yippee!

19. Yoo-hoo – used to get someone’s attention

Examples: 1) Yoo-hoo, we’re waiting here. 2) Yoo-hoo, look alive (= move more quickly/energetically)

20. Huh /hʌ/ – used when asking a question, or to express surprise

Examples: 1) So, you’re about to start a new job, huh? 2) Huh! I can’t believe you did that!


Click the link here and choose the right interjection to complete the sentences.

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