Multiple Ways to Describe Old & New

Multiple Ways to Describe Old & New

The word old has multiple meanings, and the same is true for new. In this post we’ll look at 10 synonyms for each word and see how they convey different meanings of old and new. Note that this article is about multiple ways to describe a person’s age. This one is all about something rather than someone.

Synonyms for Old

Age-oldhaving existed for a very long timestory, tradition, custom, problem, civilization
Ancientage-oldtree, culture, tradition, art, ruins, monument
Timeworndamaged or made less interesting or attractive as a result of age or much useequipment, face, expression, phrase, excuse
Archaicvery old or old-fashionedmethod, word, system, rule, law, language
Time-honoredrespected because it has been used or done for a long timecustom, tradition, practice, method, way/fashion
Orthodoxtraditional, normal, accepted by most peoplebelief, activity, idea, method, system
Conventionalorthodoxclothes, behavior, attitude, morality, method, approach
Passé (disapproving) no longer fashionablebrand, style, idea, certain thing or model
Antiqueold and often valuablejewelry, furniture, coins, shop (selling antiques)
Antiquated(disapproving) old-fashioned and no longer suitable for modern conditionsthing, idea, procedure, system, building

Click the link here to practice using the adjectives.

Synonyms for New

AdjectiveMeaning Collocations
Brand newcompletely newbrand, computer, car, smartphone, coat, recipe
Originalnew and interesting in a way that is different from anything that has existed beforeidea, suggestion, concept, creation, plan
Up to the minutefashionable and modern; including the latest informationstyle, fashion, design; news, report, data
Novelnew and original, not like anything seen beforeconcept, plan, feature, idea, suggestion
Pioneeringintroducing ideas and methods that have never been used beforetechnique, method, way, work
Trailblazingdone or tried for the first time, making it possible for others to followresearch, idea, event, organization, role
Freshnew or different in a way that adds to or replaces somethingstart, evidence, look, idea, approach
Groundbreakingmaking new discoveries; using new methodsresearch, article, novel, work, experiment
Innovativenew and original; groundbreaking idea, method, approach, product
Infashionable, trendyclothes, shoes, look, style

Click the link here and practice using the adjectives.

New and old are often used to describe technology, but if you want to make your speech more colorful, try using adjectives like old-hat and cutting-edge among others. Read this article for more related synonyms.

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