COVID-Related Neologisms. Part 2

COVID-Related Neologisms. Part 2

In this article we looked at 10 neologisms that had sprung from the ongoing pandemic. This one is about another 10. Which one do you like best? Let us know in the comments 😊.

1. Coronacation – a) a prolonged period at home away from one’s normal place of work, study, etc. viewed as an obligatory holiday imposed by stringent COVID-19 restrictions b) a holiday or vacation taken during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic

Examples: 1) I read lots of books while on coronacation. 2) I rented a cabin in the woods just to get away from it all for a few days – that was my coronacation.

2. Coronial – a baby conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic

Examples: 1) We are welcoming the first wave of “coronial” babies. 2) The coronials might be quite lucky in the future when it’s time to choose a university.

3. Vaccine nationalism – the situation where a country tries to buy supplies of a vaccine before or instead of other, usually poorer, countries

Examples: 1) Vaccine nationalism could slow the global economic recovery. 2) Vaccine nationalism occurs when governments sign agreements with pharmaceutical manufacturers to supply their own populations with vaccines ahead of them becoming available for other countries.

4. Zoombombing – the act of someone taking part in a video conference to which they have not been invited

Examples: 1) You can prevent Zoombombing in a few easy steps. 2) Zoom has agreed to pay an $85 million settlement over its security issues, namely Zoombombing.

5. Zoom raiding – see Zoombombing above

Examples: 1) One of the biggest problems with Zoom has been “Zoom raiding,” in which uninvited participants crash a Zoom meeting and disrupt it. 2) The problem is that anyone who gets the link can also join in, and as the Zoom raiding incidents show, it can be easily misused by trolls.

6. Covexit – the process of gradually relaxing and removing the restrictions on public life imposed by governments in response to the Coronavirus crisis

Examples: 1) Covexit is a challenge for many countries. 2) I wonder how the country will navigate its covexit.

7. Covidivorce – a divorce resulting from the stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic

Examples: 1) To avoid a covidivorce, remember to keep romance alive. 2) We are seeing more and more covidivorces.

8. Vaccine passport – proof that you’ve tested negative for or been protected against COVID-19

Examples: 1) People who have been fully inoculated can apply for vaccine passports. 2) Japanese vaccine passports are limited to overseas travelers.

9. Pingdemic – the situation where a very large number of people have received an alert on their phone telling them that they must self-isolate as they have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, causing problems for businesses and services as they cannot go to work

Examples: 1) The U.K.’s “pingdemic” may finally ease up. 2) The British government announced plans to end the so-called “pingdemic” after its COVID-19 app forced more than 600,000 key workers to self-isolate.

10. Coronaspeck – weight gained during lockdown as a result of eating more than usual because of working from home

Examples: 1) Lose coronaspeck by working out. 2) I’ve gained some coronaspeck but I hope to lose it soon.

Do you know any other we words and phrases related to the coronavirus that we didn’t cover? Please leave us a comment below ⬇️ . Till next time! Stay safe!

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