20+ Ways to Praise Someone in English

20+ Ways to Praise Someone in English

So there’s someone who’s just done something awesome, and you really feel like letting them know that. What can you say except the ever popular Good job or Well done? Read on to learn more ways to praise someone in English informally. For ways of expressing gratitude, check out our post here.

  1. Attagirl / attaboy

Did you pass that killer test? Attagirl!

Wow! You really landed that job? Attaboy!

2. Way to go

Did you win the competition?! Way to go, Stephanie! I’m so proud of you!

3. You rock

Can you run a full marathon? Gee, you rock!

4. You’re a hero

Not only is he able to read newspapers in Japanese, but he also teaches kanji to the Japanese. He’s a hero!

5. Two thumbs up

Did it take just 10 minutes to solve the problem? Two thumbs up!

6. A+ work

This album is an A+ work and a real treat for all the artist’s fans.

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7. A job well done

This is a job well done, Sam! You really have outdone yourself this time! Keep up the good work!

8. You’re brilliant

Can you solve a Rubik’s cube in 10 minutes?! You’re brilliant!

9. You’re a joy

Do you never refuse to help your colleagues? You’re a joy, Margaret!

10. Good for you

Did you get a job overseas? Are you moving next month? Well, good for you!

11. Hats off to you

Nice job on the project, Mike! And you pulled it off when the department is so understaffed! Hats off to you.

12. Out of sight

The band was out of sight tonight! I’m so glad we came to hear them.

13. Out of this world

Get out of here! (an exclamation of surprise or disbelief) Can you speak 6 languages fluently? You’re out of this world!

14. High five

You did nail (= pass) the interview, didn’t you? High five!

15. You’re neat

Did you win over 5 customers in 2 days? You’re so neat!

16. You’re a winner

You’re a winner, Kate! Otherwise you wouldn’t have achieved so much.

17. You’re a class A act

She is a class A act! No matter how busy or tired she is, she never says no to anyone who might need her help.

18. You’re tops

Did you get promoted already? You’re tops, Tommy!

19. Take a bow /baʊ/

Take a bow for the remarkable success of the conference you helped organize. You did come through! (= you did exactly what you had agreed to and promised to do)

20. You rule

You rule, man! Your stand-up comedy is hilarious!

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