5 Reasons to Continue Learning English

5 Reasons to Continue Learning English

Around 7000 languages are spoken in the world today (source) and at least 5 of them are considered global. However, English is still foremost, spoken by 1.35 billion people worldwide (source), and being the language of business, politics, technology, pop culture, etc. Of course, not all of those millions of speakers have perfect language skills, but all the more fortunate are those who do! Think of the benefits – better career prospects, an extensive network, cultural exchange, fewer problems during trips, etc. As a matter of fact, English opens many doors for you and sometimes helps you fulfill your dreams.

To substantiate that, we’d like to add some other interesting facts about the advantages of learning and speaking English.

Fact #1

In the modern fast-moving world driven by business, English has become a necessity. In many countries and territories where it’s not an official language 95% of employers find English skills important for their employees (source).

Fact #2

English is the language of development and opportunities, as it’s the most widely used Internet language at the moment – it accounts for 55% of all online content today (source). Moreover, it’s also the language of science and technology, with an estimated 98% of all scientific publications being written in English (source).

Fact #3

Millions of people around the world dream of living in a prosperous country which would give them stability, social security and other important benefits. Immigration to such English-speaking countries is very difficult without a certificate proving the immigrant’s high level of English. Living there without being able to communicate also is. So very often the dream of a new better life starts with learning the language, which is always rewarding and enriching no matter the outcome of the immigration process.

Fact #4

Ask anyone you know about their music or film preferences, and you are likely to hear at least a few English, American, Canadian or Australian names. That’s because modern entertainment industry becomes international once it starts speaking English, doesn’t it? For better or for worse, that’s how it is. But anyhow, it’s one of those things that unite us – we share the same love for the same talented people and works of art which are part of not only English-speaking but also world culture. So, is there anyone who wouldn’t like to understand the meaning of those songs, read books and watch movies in the original language?

Fact #5

And last but not least, learning a foreign language, English or any other one, makes your brain work better. It’s like a sport for it, and the more languages we learn, the easier our brains find it to process and retain new information (source). Bilingualism is definitely healthy.

So don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today – learn English and change your life for the better! This blog is to help you along the way.

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