Spring English

Spring English

“An optimist is a human personification of spring.”

Susan J. Bissonette

Now that spring is around the corner (= very near), it’s probably time to pump up (= increase) your spring mood. In order to do that, let us teach you some spring-inspired vocabulary. Learn and lift your spirits (= improve your mood)!


The dreary (/ˈdrɪəri/ dull, uninteresting) days of winter are almost over, things are awakening (= waking up) outside, and I feel it’s time to reset my mindset (= change/shift my mindset) and indulge in (= allow myself to enjoy) the season. But how do I do that? One idea may be updating my music to match the spring vibe (= mood), as the right track list can be a real springtime pick-me-up (= mood lifter), I think. Another thing that should definitely help is being outdoors in the sun as much as possible, as they say that it’s linked with a mood boost (= mood improvement). Indeed, what can be better than spending some time in nature (= in the woods, at the river, in the mountains, etc.), especially in pleasant weather? On a newly warm spring day, I might lessen (= reduce) everyday pressures by enjoying budding (= producing buds) trees and just soaking up (= enjoying) the sun and the atmosphere of the season. I hope these things will make a difference in (= change) my outlook (= general attitude to things) and have a positive psychological impact (= effect) on me.

Vocabulary exercise 1. Complete the sentences with the right word. The first letter is given. (The answer key is at the bottom of the page.)

  1. If you want to transform your o___, take positive action.
  2. R___ your mindset by controlling your thoughts.
  3. B___ your mood by listening to uplifting music.
  4. Spending time in n___ is associated with health and wellbeing.
  5. I hate this dark and d___ weather. I can’t wait for spring to come.
  6. Let’s just go to the park and s___ up the sun.
  7. How do you l___ the work pressures? – I just try to switch off from work and relax.
  8. Look at these b___ trees! Isn’t nature great?
  9. Spring is the time when nature a___.
  10. Some lifestyle changes will m___ a difference in your mood.
  11. This song is a great p__-me-up.
  12. I like to i___ in reading.
  13. This music has a soothing v___.
  14. Changing your wall color might have an i___ on you.
Warm temperatures will sure put you in the mood…


Spring cleaning (= the activity of cleaning a house completely, especially at the end of winter) is something many people dread (/dred/ fear, worry about), while others indulge in. If you belong to the first group, just know that spring cleaning has surprising health benefits, such as reduced stress, a good night’s sleep, increased productivity and even healthier heart. Does it sound too good to be true? Check out this article and rest assured (= be sure, certain that) there’s more to spring cleaning than meets the eye (= there is more to it than appears to be at first).

But where does the tradition come from? There are many theories, but some researchers trace the origin of spring cleaning to the Persian New Year, which falls on the first day of spring. Modern Iranians continue to thoroughly clean the house just before the major holiday.

The bottom line is (= basically) spring cleaning can lift your spirits, mitigate (= reduce) your stress and help you start spring off on the right foot (= start spring in the right way). Take on (= accept) the project to enjoy checking it off (= ticking it off) your to-do list as well as your spotless home.

Vocabulary exercise 2. Match the parts of the sentences. (The answer key is at the bottom of the page.)

  1. A clean room will help you mitigate…
  2. I have always…
  3. If possible, don’t take…
  4. Spring…
  5. Rest…
  6. Just do the task to check it…
  7. This task seems dull but there’s…
  8. The bottom…
  9. We can start the season off…

a) …your stress and feel better.

b) …cleaning is not my idea of fun.

c) …on too much work.

d) …off the list.

e) …assured I’ll help you give your huge kitchen a spring clean (= clean it thoroughly).

f) …dreaded spring cleaning.

g) …more to it than meets the eye.

h) …on the right foot if we try.

i) …line is we have to clean the house.

Spring cleaning, anyone?


Vocabulary exercise 1. 1. outlook 2. Reset 3. Boost (note that “boost” can be a noun (e.g. “…linked with a mood boost”) and a verb (e.g. “boost your mood.”) 4. nature 5. dreary 6. soak 7. lessen 8. budding 9. awakens 10. make 11. pick 12. indulge 13. vibe 14. impact

Vocabulary exercise 2. 1a, 2f, 3c, 4b, 5e, 6d, 7g, 8i, 9h

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