The Imperative & Let’s

The Imperative & Let’s

We use the imperative to give instructions.

We form the imperative with the base form:

Worry less.

Live more.

Come here.

Do your homework.

We add do not (don’t) to form the negative:

Don’t worry.

Don’t interrupt me.

Don’t read this.

Don’t do it.

Practice: Getting Around Town

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 15.24.41.png

Useful vocabulary:

  • to walk along the street (e.g. Walk along the street and turn left at the third intersection.)
  • on the right (e.g. Go to the station, it’s down there on the right.)
  • on the left (e.g. Remember, we drive on the left.)
  • across from (e.g. There’s a pay phone on the eastern side of the street across from the hospital.)
  • next to (e.g. The taxi rank is next to the hospital.)
  • between (e.g. The bus runs between the school and the station.)

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Look at the picture above. You are at the parking lot. Ask your teacher how to get to the park, zoo, museum, etc. Then answer your teacher’s questions about how to get to certain places. Do it as in the example:

– Excuse me. Could you please tell me how to get to the hospital from here?

– Sure. Walk along Central Avenue and you’ll see the hospital on the left, between the museum and the park.


We can make suggestions with let’s + base form:

Let’s go to the park.

Let’s drink some tea.

Let’s watch a movie.

Let’s listen to music.

We use let’s not + base form to make negative suggestions:

Let’s not talk about that.

Let’s not go there. It’s dangerous.

Let’s not go anywhere. I’m so tired.

Let’s not make any snap* decisions.

*A snap decision is a decision which you make without careful consideration.

Practice: Let’s Have a Good Time!

Complete the sentences below with let’s and one of the verbs below (the answer key is at the bottom of the page):

  • go
  • watch
  • buy
  • spend
  • clean
  • cook
  • listen
  • read
  • learn
  1. ___ ___ something tasty tonight. – What a good idea! I love home cooking.
  2. ___ ___ a romantic comedy. – Oh, no. Not again! How about a thriller?
  3. ___ ___ shopping. I need new gloves. – OK. I need a new a hat.
  4. ___ ___ this room. It’s very dirty!
  5. ___ ___ some time together. I miss our romantic evenings.
  6. ___ ___ an interesting book. For example, “Around the World in 80 Days.”
  7. ___ ___ a new TV. This one is so old!
  8. ___ ___ to the radio. My favorite program is about to start*.
  9. ___ ___ some English today! – What a great idea! 😉

*If a program is about to start, it’s going to start very soon. More examples: 1) The ceremony is about to begin. Please take your seats. 2) I’m about to lose my job. I need to do something about it! 3) He’s about to propose to Mary. He loves her so much.

Let’s get married!

Answer key: 1. Let’s cook 2. Let’s watch 3. Let’s go 4. Let’s clean 5. Let’s spend 6. Let’s read 7. Let’s buy 8. Let’s listen 9. Let’s learn

Materials used: “Oxford Grammar for Schools 1” by M.Moore, “New Side by Side international edition book 2” by S.J.Molinsky and B.Bliss.

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