Have & Have Got

Have & Have Got


Have/has Have/has got Example
I have I have got (= I’ve got) I have (got) a cat.
You have You have got (= you’ve got) You have (got) a dog.
He has He has got (= he’s got) He has (got) a car.
She has She has got (= she’s got) She’s (got) a bike.
It has It has got (= it’s got) It has (got) 4 legs. (The table has (got) 4 legs.)
We have We have got (= we’ve got) We have (got) a house.
They have They have got (= they’ve got) They have (got) a great family.

My name is Sheryl. I have blue eyes and fair hair. I have a pet rabbit. It’s got grey fur and big ears. I’ve got many friends but I think my rabbit Bunny is my best friend. We’ve got a habit of playing every day after I come home from school. I have some rabbit toys. For example, willow balls.

Me and Bunny


Have/has Have/has got Example
I don’t have I haven’t got I don’t have fair hair. I haven’t got fair hair.
You don’t have You haven’t got You don’t have a pet rabbit. You haven’t got a pet rabbit.
He doesn’t have He hasn’t got He doesn’t have a habit of playing after school. He hasn’t got a habit of playing after school.
She doesn’t have She hasn’t got She doesn’t have blue eyes. She hasn’t got blue eyes.
It doesn’t have It hasn’t got This is a rabbit. It doesn’t have grey fur. It hasn’t got grey fur.
We don’t have We haven’t got We don’t have a pet. We haven’t got a pet.
They don’t have They haven’t got They don’t have toys. They haven’t got toys.

My name is Sandra. My hobby is reading. I don’t have many books, but I often borrow books from a public library. The library near my home has a great collection of novels in English. I haven’t got a high English level, and so it is difficult for me to read in the original language, but I am learning and I hope I will be able to do in future.

Although I like reading, I haven’t got many books.


Have/has Have/has got Example
Do I have? Have I got? Do I have time? Have I got time?
Do you have? Have you got? Do you have siblings? Have you got siblings?
Does he have? Has he got? Does Martin have a job? Has Martin got a job?
Does she have? Has she got? Does Kelly have a sister? Has Kelly got a sister?
Does it have? Has it got? Does the table have 4 legs? Has the table got 4 legs?
Do we have? Have we got? Do we have a choice? Have we got a choice?
Do they have? Have they got? Do they have a computer? Have they got a computer?

Do you have any experience in education?

No, I don’t. But I have a great desire to become a professional teacher.

Have you got a university degree?

Yes, I have. I’ve got a master’s degree in English literature.

Have you got any experience? – No, I haven’t.


Ask questions about what the people have, and answer the questions:

Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 10.11.33.pngExample:

– Does Mike have a laptop. – Yes, he does. / Has Mike got a laptop? – Yes, he has.

– Does Mike have a bicycle? – No, he doesn’t. / Has Mike got a bicycle? – No, he hasn’t.

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Do you have questions about have and have got? Feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to answer your question. 😉

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