Practice: to Be (Am, Is, Are)

Practice: to Be (Am, Is, Are)

Read about the grammar of the verb to be here.

Exercise 1: Listen and read.


Bono is the singer in the group U2. His real name is Paul Hewson.

Stephen King is an American writer. But Stephen King isn’t his real name. His first name is Richard, and his surname is Bachman.

She’s an American actress. But Demi Moore is not her real name. Her real name is Demetria Guynes.

Sting is an English musician and singer, but his real name is Gordon Matthew Sumner.

Her real surname is Johnson, and Caryn is her real first name. She’s an American actress. What’s her name? (Whoopi Goldberg)

(from “Cutting Edge Starter” workbook)

Answer the questions:

  1. What is Bono’s real name?
  2. What is the name of Bono’s group?
  3. Is Stephen King an English writer? What is his real name?
  4. Who is Demetria Guynes?
  5. Who is Sting? Is he American?
  6. What is the real name of Whoopi Goldberg? Is she a musician?
  7. Who is your favorite writer, actress, actor and singer?

Exercise 2: Make the sentences negative.

  1. “Tom and Jerry” is a song. (What is “Tom and Jerry”?)
  2. “War and Peace” is a group. (What is “War and Peace”?)
  3. “Titanic” is a cartoon. (What is “Titanic”?)
  4. U2 is an actor. (What is U2?)
  5. Britney Spears is a writer. (What is Britney Spears?)
  6. Eminem is an architect. (What is Eminem?)
  7. Sting is an English actress. (What is Sting?)
  8. A smartphone is a dish. (What is a smartphone?)
  9. Sushi is a gadget. (What is sushi?)

Exercise 3: Complete the sentences. (Related: “Countries and Nationalities“)

  1. He ___ British. He ___ from _________.
  2. She ___ American. She ___ from _________.
  3. They ___ Canadian. They ___ from _________.
  4. My friend ___ from Australia. He is _________.
  5. His girlfriend ___ French. She ___ from _________.
  6. Angela Merkel ___ Chancellor of Germany. She ___ German.
  7. Donald Trump ___ from _________. He ___ American.
  8. Emmanuel Macron ___ the President of France. He ___ French.
  9. My parents ___ good people. We ___ a close-knit family.
  10. My neighbors ___ noisy, but they ___ very nice people.

Exercise 4: Make these sentences questions.

  1. James is married.
  2. Emily is single.
  3. Budapest is in Hungary.
  4. Berlin is the capital of Germany.
  5. You are 18.
  6. They are her classmates.
  7. It’s a Japanese car.
  8. Your name is Clara.
  9. He’s Chinese.
  10. We are neighbors.

Exercise 5: Answer the questions.

  1. What is your name?
  2. How old are you?
  3. What is your country of origin?
  4. What is your nationality?
  5. What is your mother tongue?
  6. Are you a student?
  7. Are you employed?
  8. What is your address and phone number?
  9. What is your email address?
  10. What is your hobby/favorite color?
My favorite color is blue and my hobby is hiking.

Exercise 6: Listen and read.


What is Yale and where is it? Yale is a university in the United States of America – the USA. It’s in New Haven, Connecticut.

What are the UK and the UAE? The UK is the United Kingdom – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. London is the capital city of the United Kingdom. The UAE is the United Arab Emirates – seven countries in the Persian Gulf. The capital is Abu Dhabi.

What is Machu Picchu and where is it? Machu Picchu is an old city in the Urabamba Valley in Peru, in South America.

Where is New South Wales? Is it in Wales? No! New South Wales isn’t in Wales, and it isn’t in the United Kingdom. It’s in Australia. The capital is Sydney.

Where is the Taj Mahal? How old is it? The Taj Mahal is in Agra, a city in India. It’s about 400 years old.

(from “Cutting Edge Starter” workbook)

Answer the questions:

  1. Which place, the Taj Maral or Machu Picchu, is in South America?
  2. Is Yale a city? Where is it?
  3. What is Urabamba?
  4. What is the capital of New South Wales?
  5. Is Ireland part of the UK?
  6. How old is the Taj Mahal? Is it in the capital of India?
  7. Is Edinburgh the capital of the UK?
  8. What is the UAE and where is it?
  9. Is the UAE in the Gulf of Mexico?

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