There is & There are

There is & There are

We use there is and there are to say that something exists:

  1. There is a library in the university.
  2. There are trees in forests.

We often use a/an, some or any after there is/are:

  1. There is a bed in the room.
  2. There are some bananas.
  3. There isn’t any cake. (Use any (some) after the negative form)

We use there isn’t (there’s not, there is not) and there aren’t (there’re not, there are not) to say that something doesn’t exist:

  1. There isn’t any cake in the fridge.
  2. There aren’t any books.

To make questions, put is/are before there:

  1. Is there a sofa in the room? – Yes, there is.
  2. Are there any books in the bag? – No, there aren’t. (Use any (some) in the yes/no question)

LISTENING & READING. The New Shopping Mall


Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 9.05.08.pngEverybody in Brewster is talking about the city’s new shopping mall. The mall is outside the city, next to the Brewster airport. There are more than one hundred stores in the mall.

There are two big department stores. There are many clothing stores for men, women, and children. There’s a bookstore, and there’s a video store. There are two drugstores, are there are four restaurants. There’s even a large movie theater.

Almost all the people in Brewster are happy that their city’s new shopping mall is now open. But some people aren’t happy. The owners of the small stores in the old center of town are very upset. They’re upset because many people aren’t shopping in the stores in the center of town. They’re shopping at the new mall. (the text and the picture are from “New Side by Side international edition book 1” by S.J.Molinsky and B.Bliss)


  • Shopping mall = mall
  • In British English, we use the word store when we refer to a large shop which sells a variety of goods. In American English, a store can be any size of shop.
  • Bookstore (mainly American English) = bookshop
  • Video store = video shop – a shop that sells and rents videos and DVDs
  • In America, a drugstore is a shop where you can buy medicines, cosmetics, some household goods, and also drinks and snacks. In Britain, it is a chemists / chemist’s.
  • Movie theater (American English) = cinema (British English)
  • a town = town center (e.g. I like to walk around town; this bus goes to town). A town is a place with many streets and buildings, where people live and work. Towns are larger than villages and smaller than cities.

Answer the questions:

  • What is there in the new shopping mall?
  • What isn’t there in the mall?
  • Is there a shopping mall in your city or town?
  • Are there many small stores in your city or town?
  • What is there in your city or town?

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Become our student today and practice speaking with a teacher! 


In the video, there are short dialogues for your English practice. Listen, read and repeat:

  1. There is a glass on the table. – Where? – On the table.
  2. There is a new supermarket in town. – Where is it? – On First Street.
  3. There is not a cloud in the sky. – It’s a perfect day. – It sure is.
  4. Is there a shuttle bus coming? – I think so. – That’s good.
  5. There are presents here. – Who are they for? – I don’t know.
  6. There are shorts and socks in the suitcase. – OK, I see them. – Good.
  7. There are kids in the park. – What are they doing? – They are playing.
  8. Are there more dishes? – No, that’s it. – Oh good!

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