Idioms in Britney Spears’ Songs

Idioms in Britney Spears’ Songs

Britney Spears is an American singer, the Princess of Pop and one of the greatest teen idols of all time. She is loved by millions, and her songs are popular around the world. In this post we’ll look at some of her most famous hits and see what idioms they can teach. So, let’s get a bit nostalgic and learn from Britney…

IDIOM: to lose one’s mind

MEANING: to go insane or to start behaving in a silly or strange way

FROM: “Baby One More Time” (1999)

EXAMPLES: 1. When I’m not with you, l lose my mind. 2. Have you completely lost your mind? 3. You must have lost your mind if you think that’s a good idea!

The lyrics are here.

IDIOM: to be into sb.

MEANING: to like sb. very much (related: “25+ Ways to Say “I Like It”“)

FROM: “You Drive Me Crazy” (1999)

EXAMPLES: 1. Baby, I’m so into you. 2. Look into his eyes and you will see that he’s so into you. 3. My friends say you’re so into me.

IDIOM: to be in (too) deep

MEANING: to be very involved in a situation, especially so that it causes you problems

FROM: “You Drive Me Crazy” (1999)

EXAMPLES: 1. I’m in too deep. 2. I’m in too deep, I can’t just leave. 3. Is he deep? – Yes, he is.

IDIOM: to keep sb. up

MEANING: to prevent someone from going to bed

FROM: “You Drive Me Crazy” (1999)

EXAMPLES: 1. Thinking of you keeps me up all night. 2. The noise kept me up. 3. I hope I’m not keeping you up.

The lyrics are here.

IDIOM: to make it

MEANING: to be successful in achieving something difficult, or in surviving through a very difficult period (related: “Idioms About Success & Failure“)

FROM: “Stronger” (2000)

EXAMPLES: 1. You might think that I won’t make it on my own. 2. I believe I have the talent to make it. 3. You’re brave and courageous. You can make it.

IDIOM: to go with the flow

MEANING: to let things happen to you or let other people tell you what to do, rather than trying to control what happens yourself

FROM: “Stronger” (2000)

EXAMPLES: 1. I used to go with the flow. 2. There’s nothing we can do about the problem, so let’s just go with the flow. 3. Why can’t she just go with the flow and let me take charge (= accept responsibility)?

IDIOM: to take it

MEANING: to withstand difficulty, criticism, hardship, etc.

FROM: “Stronger” (2000)

EXAMPLES: 1. You might think that I can’t take it, but you’re wrong. 2. He is laughing at you! I can’t take it! 3. I can’t take it when people criticize me publicly.

IDIOM: better off

MEANING: in a better situation

FROM: “Stronger” (2000)

EXAMPLES: 1. I don’t need anybody, (I’m) better off alone. 2. He’d be better off working for a bigger company. 3. I’ll be better off living abroad.

The lyrics are here.

IDIOM: to hold back

MEANING: to hesitate to act or speak

FROM: “Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know” (2000)

EXAMPLES: 1. Don’t hold back, just let it go (= tell me more about how you feel). 2. He held back, remembering the mistake he had made before. 3. If you keep holding back, we’ll never know what you really think.

IDIOM: all the way

MEANING: without limit or reservation; completely

FROM: “Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know” (2000)

EXAMPLES: 1. I need to hear you say you need me all the way. 2. I support you all the way. 3. Having started a revolution, we must go all the way.

The lyrics are here.

IDIOM: to see through one’s perspective

MEANING: to look at sth. from one’s point of view

FROM: “Overprotected” (2001)

EXAMPLES: 1. You’re gonna have to see through my perspective. 2. Sometimes we need to see things through other people’s perspective. 3. The ability to see a situation through other people’s perspective is so important.

IDIOM: to take chances

MEANING: to do something even though it involves risk

FROM: “Overprotected” (2001)

EXAMPLES: 1. I believe in taking chances. 2. It is just not worth taking any chances. 3. Take a chance on me.

IDIOM: can’t help sth.

MEANING: used for saying that sb. cannot stop themselves doing sth.

FROM: “Overprotected” (2001)

EXAMPLES: 1. I can’t help the way I feel. 2. I can’t help thinking about it. 3. I can’t help falling in love with you.

IDIOM: I stand corrected

MEANING: used for saying that you accept that you are wrong about sth.

FROM: “Overprotected” (2001)

EXAMPLES: 1. I tell them what I like, what I want, what I don’t, but every time I do I stand corrected. 2. There are 31 days in September. – No, there are 30. – I stand corrected. 3. There are eight continents. – No, there are seven. – I stand corrected.

The lyrics are here.

IDIOM: to hell with

MEANING: used to express someone’s lack of concern for (sb. or sth.)

FROM: “Me Against the Music” (2003)

EXAMPLES: 1. To hell with stares. 2. They want me to stop, but to hell with them! I’ll do what I want to do! 3. To hell with the critics.

IDIOM: to bare one’s soul

MEANING: to reveal one’s most private thoughts and feelings

FROM: “Me Against the Music” (2003)

EXAMPLES: 1. I’d rather see you bare your soul. 2. He bared his soul to me after the divorce. 3. Don’t bare your soul to her – she can’t keep a secret.

The lyrics are here.

IDIOM: to make believe

MEANING: to pretend

FROM: “Everytime” (2003)

EXAMPLES: 1. I make believe that you are here. 2. She likes to make believe she’s an actress. 3. The children like to make believe that they live in a castle.

The lyrics are here.

IDIOM: to go the extra mile

MEANING: to make more effort than is expected of you

FROM: “Gimme More” (2007)

EXAMPLES: 1. I want to go that extra mile for you. 2. I’m always ready to go the extra mile for my friends. 3. Would you go the extra mile for the company?

IDIOM: public display of affection

MEANING: a physical act of intimacy between a romantic couple done in the view of others

FROM: “Gimme More” (2007)

EXAMPLES: 1. Your public display of affection, (it) feels like (there’s) no one else in the room. 2. Some organizations have rules limiting or prohibiting public displays of affection. 3. He is uncomfortable with public displays of affection.

IDIOM: the center of attention

MEANING: someone who everyone else notices or watches

FROM: “Gimme More” (2007)

EXAMPLES: 1. (We’re) the center of attention, do you feel this? 2. Britney Spears is always the center of attention. 3. He likes being the center of attention.

IDIOM: up against the wall

MEANING: in a very bad position/situation

FROM: “Gimme More” (2007)

EXAMPLES: 1. We’re the center of attention even when we’re up against the wall. 2. The team was up against a wall in the first half of the game. 3. I’m up against the wall and I need your help.

The lyrics are here.

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