Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate Lesson Plan: Travel

Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate Lesson Plan: Travel

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” (unknown)


  • Do you agree that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer? Why/why not?
  • How often do you travel?
  • What is usually the purpose of your trips? (business, tourism, visiting people, etc.)
  • Tell your teacher about your latest trip (place, time, purpose, highlights).

A highlight is the best or most exciting or interesting part of something.

Travel, trip or journey?

Vocabulary note:

  1. Travel (noun, uncountable) – the activity of traveling: Business travel is a significant expense for companies. Air travel is very safe. I love music, literature, good food and travel. Travels (plural noun) – journeys: Join me on my travels. Read about my travels. I write about my travels in my diary. 
  2. Journey (noun, countable) – the act of traveling from one place to another, especially in a vehicle (e.g. a car, truck, etc.): Have a safe journey! I love listening to music during long car journeys. The journey was quick because the road was clear. A journey can also mean a trip over a long period or a great distance: We are planning a journey to China. They set off on the long journey home. This will be an epic journey. A journey is also a process of changing and developing over a period of time (literary language): My journey through life is always exciting. Read about her spiritual journey to freedom. 
  3. Trip (noun, countable) – a journey in which you go somewhere, usually for a short time, and come back again: The trip from Tokyo to Yokohama takes an hour by car. We are going on trip to France this summer. How about a trip to the zoo this afternoon? 

Exercise 1. Choose the right word to complete the sentences (sometimes a few answers are possible):

  1. The boat (travel/journey/trip) down the Amazon was great.
  2. He makes the (travel/journey/trip) to Moscow three times a year.
  3. I would like to rest after the long (travel/journey/trip).
  4. Let me tell you about my (travel/journey/trip) to happiness.
  5. Space (travel/journey/trip) is exciting but dangerous.
  6. Her (travels/journeys/trips) have taken her to many parts of the world.
  7. Our agency deals mostly with business (travel/journey/trip).
  8. He’s just returned from a fishing (travel/journey/trip) to Scotland.
  9. I never go on shopping (travels/journeys/trips)
  10. She writes about a (travel/journey/trip) through time.

Answer the questions:

  • How long is your journey to work/school?
  • How often do you go on business trips? How many business trips do you make every year?
  • Do you write about your travels in a diary or on a blog?

What do you see in the pictures below? What are the advantages (and possible disadvantages) of each of the travel types?

a weekend break (a short holiday package of two or three days)
a package holiday (a holiday organized by a travel agent, with arrangements for transport, accommodation, etc.)
a group tour (a travel package for a group of travelers that has a common itinerary, travel date, and transportation)
An RV (American English) road trip / a caravan (British English) road trip 


Volunteer travel
  • Which travel experience would you love in the nearest future?Why?
  • Have you ever had a disastrous trip? If you have, what happened?

Listening. Listen to a part of a radio program. Why was the holiday of Sean’s uncle and aunt a disaster?

a) because the weather was awful

b) because the place was very noisy

c) because they argued a lot

The tapescript is here.

The audio file origin: (Oxford) New English File pre-intermediate student’s book

Listen again and correct the wrong information:

  1. Sean went to Ibiza. His aunt and uncle went to Ibiza.
  2. They are both 60.
  3. They wanted an exciting holiday.
  4. They usually spend their holidays abroad.
  5. They knew it was “The Party Island.”
  6. They first went there in the 1950s.
  7. They booked the holiday at a travel agent’s.
  8. The hotel was in a quiet part of town.
  9. They are going to go abroad again next year.

Homework: Write a short article about a disastrous holiday which you or someone you know once had. Use around 200 words.

Answer Key: 

Exercise 1. 1. trip 2. journey/trip 3. journey/trip 4. journey 5. travel 6. travels/journeys/trips 7. travel 8. trip 9. trips 10. journey

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  1. Dear sirs, I am an English instructor and I really need a lesson plans for pre intermediate, intermediate and upper intermediate students that help me to teach and present the best that I have, so if you have a materials for teachers which have listening and other parts, I would be glad to buy them from you and use them in my classes.
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