Vocabulary & Speaking Lesson Plan: Christmas

Vocabulary & Speaking Lesson Plan: Christmas

Level: elementary

Note: the lesson plan is designed for online English classes. The idea is the teacher sharing their screen with the student(s) and using the plan for class work. This should be pretty much like a textbook page. That’s why many important notes for teachers (e.g. on how to introduce the new vocabulary) are omitted.

1. Warm-up:

Answer the questions:

  • Do people in your country celebrate Christmas? Do your family celebrate this holiday?
  • When do people celebrate Christmas? (see our post on ordinal numbers, days and dates; it may be helpful to your students)
  • Do you like this holiday? Why/why not?

Look at the pictures. What do you see in them? (to see the words, position your mouse pointer to the picture)

Answer the questions:

  • Do you always set up a Christmas tree?
  • Why do children wait for Santa Claus?
  • Do you like to choose Christmas presents?
  • Does it often snow in your country and in your town/city?

2. New vocabulary

Complete the sentences with the appropriate word:

  1. My mother makes very tasty ____________ cookies.
  2. Where is the box with Christmas tree ____________?
  3. Can I switch on the ____________?
  4. Santa uses ____________ to travel.
  5. The stockings are by the ____________.
  6. ____________ is a plant.
  7. A ____________ is a door decoration.
  8. ____________ are very sweet.
  9. I have a ____________ on my table.

Answer the questions:

  • Do you like to decorate your home for winter holidays?
  • Which decorations do you have? (see the pictures above)
  • Can you make gingerbread men?
  • Do you know the Christmas mistletoe tradition? Do you hang mistletoe at home?
Mistletoe /ˈmɪs(ə)ltəʊ/

Watch the video to review key Christmas vocabulary:

Vocabulary from the video (check out our post on English phonetic symbols)

Santa Claus, sleigh /sleɪ/, reindeer, bell, snowman, carol /ˈkærəl/, chimney /ˈtʃɪmni/, candle /ˈkænd(ə)l/, wreath, Christmas stocking /ˈstɒkɪŋ/, Christmas tree, candy cane, ornaments, present

Answer the questions:

  • Which Christmas things do you have at home?
  • Which Christmas things would you like to buy? Why?

Homework: write a short essay (of 100-120 words) about why you like Christmas.

Please check out our post “Songs for Kids’ Classes.” You might find our “We Wish you a Merry Christmas” materials interesting and useful.


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