Family Vocabulary

Family Vocabulary

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Mary Smith’s family

  1. grandmother
  2. grandfather
  3. uncle /ˈʌŋk(ə)l/
  4. mother /ˈmʌðə(r)/
  5. father
  6. aunt /ɑːnt/ (/ænt/ American English)
  7. cousin /ˈkʌz(ə)n/
  8. sister-in-law /lɔː/
  9. brother /ˈbrʌðə(r)/
  10. sister
  11. brother-in-law
  12. husband
  13. nephew /ˈnefjuː/ /ˈnevjuː/
  14. niece /ns/
  15. daughter /ˈdɔːtə(r)/
  16. son /sʌn/

Hi there! Let me introduce my family.

She is my grandmother.

He is my grandfather.

She is my mother.

He is my father.

He is my brother.

She is my sister.

He is my uncle.

She is my aunt.

He is my cousin.

She is my cousin too.

Useful posts: Am, Is, Are (to Be), Present Simple Tense

My family is:

  • large
  • big = large + important (and possibly rich)
  • small
  • close
  • happy


Family is a collective noun (a collective noun refers to a group of people or things). If you think of family as a single unit, use is (or other singular verbs):

  • Family is the smallest unit of society.
  • Family is very important.
  • Family plays an important role in my life.
  • My family is my strength.

If you think of family as members of your family, or as individual family members, use are (or other plural verbs):

  • My family are all teachers.
  • My family are my friends.
  • My family get together every Christmas.
  • Where are your family? – They are still in the mall.

Other examples of collective nouns:


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