Classroom Vocabulary & Prepositions of Place

Classroom Vocabulary & Prepositions of Place


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  1. pen /pen/
  2. book /bʊk/
  3. pencil /ˈpens(ə)l/
  4. notebook /ˈnəʊtˌbʊk/
  5. bookshelf /ˈbʊkˌʃelf/
  6. globe /ɡləʊb/
  7. map /mæp/
  8. board /bɔː(r)d/
  9. wall /wɔːl/
  10. clock /klɒk/
  11. bulletin board /ˈbʊlətɪn bɔː(r)d/
  12. computer /kəmˈpjuːtə(r)/
  13. table /ˈteɪb(ə)l/
  14. chair /tʃeə(r)/
  15. ruler /ˈruːlə(r)/
  16. desk /desk/
  17. dictionary /ˈdɪkʃən(ə)ri/


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  1. Stand up
  2. Go to the board
  3. Write your name
  4. Erase your name
  5. Sit down / Take your seat
  6. Open your book
  7. Read page eight (8)
  8. Study page eight (8)
  9. Close your book
  10. Put away your book
  11. Listen to the question
  12. Raise your hand
  13. Give the answer
  14. Work in groups
  15. Help each other
  16. Do your homework
  17. Bring in your homework
  18. Go over the answers
  19. Correct your mistakes
  20. Hand in your homework
  21. Take out a piece of paper
  22. Pass out the tests
  23. Answer the questions
  24. Check your answers
  25. Collect the tests
  26. Lower the shades
  27. Turn off the lights
  28. Turn on the projector
  29. Watch the movie
  30. Take notes


Where is (where’s) the book? – It is (it’s on the desk).

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 8.03.19.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 8.03.55.png

  1. It’s on the desk
  2. It’s on the wall.
  3. It’s on the table.
  4. It’s on the chair.
  5. It’s on the desk.
  6. It’s on the wall.
  7. It’s on the table.
  8. It’s on the bookshelf.
  9. It’s on the wall.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 8.06.56.png

Where is David? – He’s in the kitchen / in London / in the garden.

What’s in that box / bag / cupboard?

I like to swim in the river / in the sea.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 8.09.46.png

I am at the bus stop / at the door.

The car is at the traffic lights.

She is at her desk.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 8.11.28.png

  1. He is in the kitchen.
  2. The shoes are in the box.
  3. The pen is on the box.
  4. The clock is on the wall.
  5. He is at the bus stop.
  6. The horses are in the field.
  7. The people are on the balcony.
  8. The swimmer is in the pool.
  9. The man is at the window.
  10. The spider is on the ceiling.
  11. The boy is on the table.
  12. The woman is at the table.


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