Speaking & Vocabulary Lesson Plan: Halloween

Speaking & Vocabulary Lesson Plan: Halloween

Level: beginner – elementary

  1. Warm-up:

Answer the questions:

  • What is Halloween? a) holiday b) fair c) parade
  • When is Halloween? a) the night of October 29 b) the night of October 31 c) the night November 2
  • On Halloween, children often … a) watch TV b) read book c) dress up

2. New vocabulary:

3. Complete the sentences about the words above:

  • A … is a small creature with 8 legs.
  • A … is a large, round, orange vegetable.
  • A … is a Halloween decoration.
  • A … is a woman with magic powers.
  • A … is the spirit of a dead person.
  • A spider makes a … .
  • Children wear … on Halloween.
  • … is a Halloween custom.
  • On Halloween, children go trick-or-treating and ask for … .
  • An … is a bird.

4. Answer the questions:

  • Do you like Halloween?
  • Do you celebrate Halloween every year? If so, how do you celebrate?
  • Do you make Jack-o’-lanterns?
  • Do you decorate your house/apartment?
  • Is Halloween spooky?

5. Watch the video. Repeat the words after the speaker:

6. Match the words with their phonetic transcription:

Words  Transcription 
1) monster a. /ˈvæmpaɪə(r)/
2) vampire b. /blæk kæt/
3) bat c. /ˈskelɪt(ə)n/
4) black cat d. /ˈmɒnstə(r)/
5) mummy e. /ˈhɔːntɪd haʊs/
6) skeleton f. /ˈmʌmi/
7) haunted house g. /bæt/

7. Answer the questions:

  • Are you afraid of monsters/vampires/bats/spiders/ghosts?
  • Do you like black cats?
  • Are haunted houses spooky?
  • Are skeletons/mummies/owls/Jack-o’-lanterns scary?
  • Is pumpkin/candy tasty?
  • Do you go trick-or-treating on Halloween? Why/why not?
  • Is Halloween a popular holiday in your country? If so, tell your teacher what people in your country do on Halloween. Use the key vocabulary of this lesson.

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