Am, Is, Are (to Be)

Am, Is, Are (to Be)

“To be, or not to be…”

William  Shakespeare, “Hamlet”

Hello. I’m Ernesto. I’m from Brazil. I’m twenty-three (23) and I’m single.

Michelle is my sister. She’s a student. She’s twenty-two (22).

Mary and I are friends. We both are thirty (30) years old. We are colleagues and neighbors.


Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 13.47.28

Tip: Use the short forms for speaking.


  1. My name is David. I’m American. I’m from New York.
  2. My name is Mrs. Grant. My phone number is 549-4782.
  3. My name is Mary Johns. My address is 738 Main Street, Jacksonville, Florida. My license number is 921DCG. My social security number is 044-35-0862.
  4. My name is Jennifer. My apartment number is 4-B.
  5. My name is Mr. Smith. My e-mail address is

@ – at

.com – dot com


Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 13.54.50


  1. She isn’t a nurse.
  2. My brothers aren’t twins.
  3. We aren’t English.
  4. My mother isn’t an English teacher.
  5. They’re not managers.

Yes/No Questions and Short Answers

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 13.59.51

Say Yes, I am / Yes, he is etc. (don’t say Yes, I’m / Yes, he’s).


  1. Are you a doctor? – Yes, I am.
  2. Is your husband home? – No, he isn’t.
  3. Are you busy? – Yes, I am.
  4. Are they your classmates? – No, they aren’t.
  5. Are you married? – No, I’m not.

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