English in Snoopy Come Home Soundtracks

To my honey and best friend

“Snoopy, Come Home” is an old animated film which some modern kids don’t even know about, which is a shame. But, even though it was created in 1972, there are still lots of fans of it, including me, the person this post is dedicated to, and at least half the Japan’s population (judging by the number of Snoopy items around).

Now, I’d like to focus on the film soundtracks because the lyrics make great learning materials. If you look closely, you’ll see that the songs are meaningful and the words are skillfully chosen. Enjoy them!

“Snoopy, Come Home”

Useful vocabulary:

  • To roam – to travel from place to place (especially with no special plan/purpose): I like to roam about the park. 
  • To split the scene (the idiom is not used a lot) – to leave: You split the scene, now nothing is right. 
  • Good grief! – the exclamation is used to express surprise or shock: Good grief! Look at these prices!
  • Uptight – tense, nervous or annoyed: Why are you so uptight today?
  • To be in a fog – uncertain, confused: I’m still in a fog over the situation. 

Lila’s Theme (Do You Remember Me?)

Useful vocabulary:

  • A summer gone by – a summer that has passed: I still remember the summer gone by. 
  • I’m sad as I can be – I couldn’t be sadder: I’ve been sad as I can be since he left me.
  • To roll away – to move away rotating, turning over, or moving on wheels: Why can’t a memory roll away like a tear?

At the Beach 

Useful vocabulary:

  • To do a handspring – to jump through the air on to one’s hands followed by another on to one’s feet:



  • Outrageous – unacceptable/shocking: His behavior is outrageous!
  • To do outlandish things – to do strange/unreasonable things: Stop doing these outlandish things!
  • Contagious laughter – laughter that spreads quickly among a group of people: I like laughter to be contagious!
  • Whoop-dee-doo – noisy/excited activity: I love our Sunday whoop-dee-doo!
  • Surf – the mass of white bubbles that is formed by waves as they fall upon the shore: Look at the surf rolling onto the beach. 
  • Spray – a lot of small drops of water which are being thrown into the air: The moon was casting a rainbow through the spray from the waterfall.
  • To douse one’s gloomies – if you douse a fire, you stop it burning by pouring a lot of water over it; if you douse your gloomies, you stop being sad: The fire brigade have doused the fire. 
  • To dump one’s troubles – if you dump something somewhere, you put it or unload it there quickly and carelessly; “dump your troubles” means “forget your troubles”: We dumped our bags at the hotel. 
  • Breaker – a big sea wave, especially at the point when it just reaches the shore: These breakers are enormous!
  • Balmy (weather) – pleasantly warm: Those were golden days and balmy nights!
  • Breezy-full taking-life-easy-full beach – be careful with this expression because it’s unique to this song, though personally I love it! It’s such a great beach, isn’t it?

No Dogs Allowed!

Useful vocabulary:

  • Out of place – unwelcome: I feel out of place at such parties. 
  • Hound – a type of dog that is often used for hunting or racing: Hunting with hounds is his interest in life.
  • Out of bounds – if a place is out of bounds, people are not allowed to go there: The area is out of bounds now. 
  • To pant – to breathe quickly and loudly with your mouth open: He was panting with the effort to reach the mountain top. 
  • To wheeze – to breathe with difficulty and make a whistling sound: He had serious problems with his chest and wheezed and coughed all the time.

The Best of Buddies

Useful vocabulary:

  • To have good vibes – to have good feelings (about something or someone): I have good vibes about this project. 
  • To jive – to dance energetically: I love to jive to rock’n’roll music. 
  • Rapport /raˈpɔː/ – mutual understanding, bound: My colleagues and I have a rapport.
  • Unanimity /juːnəˈnɪmɪti/ – agreement, accord: All decisions would require unanimity.
  • Gruesome – very unpleasant/shocking: This murder is gruesome!
  • Twosome – a group of two people: We can make it as a twosome!

Fundamental Friend Dependability

Useful vocabulary:

  • Dependabilty – reliability: He is a dependable companion. 
  • Pal – friend (old-fashioned): He is my old pal. 
  • Squeaky clean – 100% clean: This plate is squeaky clean. 
  • Chum – friend (old-fashioned): My old chum is here.
  • Shaggy pup – a young dog covered with rough unkempt fur: I saw a shaggy pup in the street.
  • To gussy up – to give (a person or thing) a smarter or more interesting appearance: She’s got gussied up.

It Changes

Useful vocabulary:

  • To know where you stand – to be certain about what someone thinks or feels about you: He sent me such a great gift! Now I know where I stand.
  • Whole ball of wax – everything: There’s nothing more to tell you. That’s the whole ball of wax.
  • Your world rearranges – your world changes: My whole world rearranged when me moved there.
  • To sever /ˈsɛvə/ the ties – to cut ties with somebody or something (formal): She severed her ties with England.

Gettin’ It Together

Useful vocabulary:

  • To groove – to enjoy oneself or feel in rapport with one’s surroundings (old-fashioned): I’m really grooving today!
  • To get it together – to achieve a harmonious frame of mind: Let’s get it together!
  • Out of sight – very unusual: The feeling is out of sight.
  • Status quo – the state of affairs that exists at a particular time: They have no wish for any change in the status quo.
  • To ramble – to go on a long walk: Let’s just ramble for an hour or two. 
  • To have a ball – to have a very good time: I see you are having a ball.