English Words you Probably didn’t Know

English Words you Probably didn’t Know

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

Robbin Williams, an American actor and comedian

It may be hard to believe but new words are born every day! Such words are called neologisms. According to The Guardian, English speakers add around 1,000 new words a year to they lexicon, although there are already over 1 million words at their disposal.

In this article we’ll take a look at some particularly interesting modern-day neologisms and new meanings of old words.

  1. Monkey dumpling – a group of macaques standing very close together in order to stay warm: In out park you’ll see macaques forming monkey dumplings!
  2. Zebra – a new company that aims to make a contribution to society as well as to make a profit: Zebras might be just ordinary companies playing with people’s emotions
  3. Amazon effect – the increase in e-commerce and the resulting closure of many physical shops: We can see the impact of the Amazon effect all over the world. 
  4. Workleisure – a fashionable style of clothing that is comfortable but formal enough: Workleisure has great potential.
  5. Stashing – not telling anyone about the person you go out with: Stashing can be really exciting!
  6. Monster parent – a parent who is excessively authoritarian and over-protective, and who tends to interfere in their children’s education: I hope I won’t become one of those monster parents who kids start to hate eventually. 
  7. Root-to-stem – referring to a trend in cooking that involves using as much of a fruit or vegetable as possible: You can find good root-to-stem recipes on this website.
  8. Generation mute – a way of referring to the generation of young people who tend to use written forms of communication, such as texting, rather than making phone calls: Generation mute doesn’t like talking.
  9. Distracted walking – the minor crime of crossing the road while looking at your smartphone or similar device and therefore posing a danger to motorists and other pedestrians: I think distracted walking should be punished more severely!
  10. Smombie – a pedestrian who is distracted by their smartphone or similar device: Those smombies don’t seem to pay attention to anything , just wandering blindly!
  11. Range anxiety – the worry experienced by the driver of an electric car that the vehicle will run out of power before it reaches its destination: I wish I hadn’t bought the electric car! I suffer from range anxiety every time I’m behind the wheel.
  12. Slow fashion – the activity of making and buying clothes of high quality, with low impact on the environment: I’m happy that more and more people are starting to understand the idea of slow food and slow fashion. 
  13. Wild cycling – exploring the countryside by bicycle: Recently I have taken up wild cycling. It’s very relaxing, cheap and eco-friendly.
  14. Slow adventure – a type of holiday involving outdoor activities that allow you to enjoy nature and are not physically demanding: The idea of slow adventure really appeals to me! It’s about engaging with remote places without being super fit. 
  15. Fitstagrammer – someone posting on Instagram about fitness and healthy eating: I wonder if all those Fitstagrammers really do what they recommend. 

Apparently, the words and expressions above are all about trendy things: healthy lifestyle, new business realities, technologies, transport etc. They were coined to express some new ideas, and who knows what new ideas and words will become a part of our life in not even in a century but just one year…

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