Useful Everyday Phrases

Useful Everyday Phrases

“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity.”

Yehuda Berg, an international speaker and author

What would you say asking someone to let you use their mobile phone because yours… well, died? And what would you say asking someone to give you the salt shaker on the other side of the table? There are some short and very useful phrases you’d better remember to communicate effectively and naturally in common situations:

Dialogue 1:

– Excuse me, is anyone sitting here?

– No, it’s free. / Yes, he (she) will be back soon.

The film is about to start…

Dialogue 2:

– Do you mind if I switch the light off / dim the light / switch the light on?

– Go ahead! / No, please don’t.

Let there be light!

Dialogue 3:

– Could I borrow your mobile / cell (Am. E.)? My battery is flat. / My phone died / My phone ran out of juice.

– Sure. / Sorry, my phone is dead too. Don’t you have a charger?

We need to recharge the battery. Where’s a socket?

Dialogue 4:

– I wish I hadn’t said that to her! Obviously, she resents me for it.

– Ah, well! That’s life! No offence. You should’ve kept your mouth shut.

Some things are better left unsaid.

Dialogue 5:

– Sorry I’m late.

– That’s alright. Have a seat (sit down / take a seat)! / John, it’s starting to become a habit!

Be punctual!

Dialogue 6:

– May I come in?

– Yes, please do. / No, can you please wait a bit longer outside? I’ll call you.

– Thank you. / OK, no problem.


Good things come to those who wait.

Dialogue 7:

– Help yourself to whatever you would like.

– Could you pass the salt, please.

– Certainly. Here you are. Do you like the roastbeef?

– It’s good. Just undersalted. But now it’s perfect. Good job!

Put a little more salt in.

Dialogue 8:

– It was so kind of you to give us a lift.

– Don’t mention it. It was a pleasure.


– Thanks for the life!

– You’re welcome!

Drop me off at the store please.

Dialogue 9:

– The baby’s much better now. Fortunately, the fever’s down.

– Oh, I’m so pleased to hear it? How are you?

– I’m fine. Just a little tired.

– Make sure you get enough rest.

Take good care of the baby!

Dialogue 10:

– Could you give me a hand?

– Yes, of course. What can I do?

– Fetch the hammer please.

– Here you are. Nick, you are very good at this stuff.

– Thanks, man.

– Seriously, you have great hands!

You’ve got hands of gold!


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