Fit, Suit or Match?

Fit, Suit or Match?

This post is about clothes. To be more precise, it’s about choosing them. The fact is there are some English verbs whose meaning is very similar, and so it’s very easy to misuse them. To avoid it, it’s necessary to understand their similarities and differences, and this is exactly what we are going to do – make sure the verbs fit, suit and match are not confusing for learners and their meanings are as clear as day.


We use the verb “to fit” (fitted; fitted or fit; fit (Am.E.)) when we mean that some item of clothing is the right size for someone:

  • Those jeans fit you nicely.
  • The dress fits you perfectly.
  • The skirt fits like a glove (= it’s perfectly sized for you).

Note that “to fit” can be used to talk not only about clothes:

  • The bed won’t fit through the door.
  • The car doesn’t fit in this parking space. 
  • The smartphone fits into the palm of your hand. 


We use the verb “to suit” usually talking about a color or styles of clothes. When something suits you, it makes you look more attractive:

  •  The color red suits you so well! You should wear more of it.
  • Such dresses don’t suit me – they are not for my body type.
  • That haircut suits him best.


While something can fit or suit you, something like colors or designs match, which means they are similar or look good together:

  • These colors don’t match.
  • This blouse doesn’t match with this skirt.
  • I’m glad the carpet matches the drapes. 

So when you are choosing new clothes, make sure they fit you, suit you and match the clothes, shoes and accessories you are going to wear them with. Would you like some practice with the words? Here you go…

Fill in the gaps with fit, suit or match:

  1. Unfortunately, these trousers don’t … at the waist.
  2. Choose a suit which would … you to flatter your figure.
  3. You don’t have to … your lipstick exactly to your outfit. 
  4. All the chairs … . 
  5. Black … you.
  6. The color of the walls … the one of the ceiling.
  7. The kimono is made to … a child.
  8. We have dress styles to … every woman.
  9. I’m happy that my favorite jeans still … me. I’ve been wearing them for 3 years.
  10. These colors … you well, outlining and enhancing your figure.

Answer key: 1. fit 2. suit 3. match 4. match 5. suits 6. matches 7. fit 8. suit 9. fit 10. suit


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