Aviation English to Fly High

Aviation English to Fly High

“There is a big blue sky waiting right behind the clouds.”

From “Behind the clouds” performed by Brad Paisley

Being a pilot or an air traffic controller means that you have one of the most exciting jobs one could possibly imagine. But at the same time it implies numerous stresses resulting from your high level of responsibility. As a matter of fact, English can become another stressor which will hinder your career if you don’t work on your level regularly. Or it can become a vital tool for you to solve any problems which might arise. We believe that this is how it should be and aim to help you achieve this aim and keep your English level up to the mark.

During our Aviation English course you will…

  • be provided with fascinating aviation English materials
  • analyze various urgency and emergency situations that aviation specialists can face and discuss the situations thoroughly
  • build your aviation vocabulary
  • improve your radiotelephony skills and plain English
  • have a chance to discuss latest aviation news and thought-provoking lessons of aviation history

Haven’t you reached the 4th level of English (ICAO) yet?

We will help you get prepared for the test to assess the level of English language proficiency. Aviation English textbooks and unique teacher-created materials will help you cover all the most important topics in an interesting and effective way.

Do you wish to maintain your 4th level of English (ICAO)?

Are you worried that your level of aviation English might get worse? Join our course which will enable you to boost your aviation vocabulary and hone your listening skills.

Do you strive for the 5th level of English (ICAO)?

If you are an ambitious specialist who is eager to be head and shoulder above others, make effort to reach the 5th level of English with our special course.

Whichever your goal you have, we’ll help you achieve it with flying colors!

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