Skype vs. Face-to-Face English Classes

Technological progress can be so fast that it may sometimes confuse or ever scare. What used to be common 10-15 years ago can be behind the times now. And what was thought to be fantastic is real nowadays.

The way we listen to music, watch films, work, rest and travel has been changing… And the same can be said about the way we learn. But is it a positive change or is it something fashionable and fleeting? Let’s have a close look and weigh all the pros and cons of Skype and face-to-face English learning:

Face-to-face English classes Skype English classes
The first things which we can think about if we compare online and offline classes is face-to-face communication. The student comes and leaves the classroom, having interacted with their group and teacher. Good news! During Skype lessons you actively interact too. The only difference is that you see your teacher/classmates on the screen – not by your side. You are involved in the same activity being far from each other, but that doesn’t influence the efficiency of the lesson.
The second thing which comes to our mind is learning materials. Usually the student has to buy a number of books for their course and be part of a group. More good news! An online school usually provides a student with learning materials. Enguroo Online English School is no exception. Your teacher provides you with everything you need before the lesson, gives you homework after each class, and the only difference is that now it’s all electronic. You have a choice – to print out what you receive or leave it electronic. Some prefer paper but for some students it’s convenient to use e-files.

Note that e-learning doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in wandering around a bookstore anymore. You can and you should! Remember we are always ready to customize your course for no extra pay. So, if you wish to buy a book and use it in your class, it’s OK! Just ask for your teacher’s recommendation first.

As for being part of a group, via Skype it’s also possible.

You might think of teaching materials too. How can a teacher optimize their work via Skype without a board, handouts etc.? Skype teaching can give a creative professional opportunities they couldn’t even dream about. Pictures, tables, dictionaries, additional exercises, videos… The list can be endless. Everything is within easy reach and can be shared in seconds. As for the board, our teachers use the Skype chat box for this purpose and it substitutes a traditional classroom board very well. Moreover, the information the teacher shares using the chat box is always available. It is never removed the way chalk is removed from a chalkboard.
Getting to the venue has always been predictable: bus, subway, car or bike… Traffic jams, crowds of people, wasted time and money… Forget about it now! You can have a lesson in the comfort of your home not losing precious time and money on commuting. You do it at the time convenient for you, be it 6 a.m. or 11 p.m. No stress, no discomfort, no haste.


As you can see, Skype learning must be here to stay just because it has lots of pluses and almost no minuses. One possible downside is occasional Internet connection problems. However, sometimes they can be easily solved by turning off the Skype camera or, if it doesn’t help, rescheduling the lesson. Learning English via Skype is modern, progressive, effective, time-saving and eco-friendly. Shall we try it?

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